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KATNAP Mint (November 2023)

The KATNAP Mint will occur in November 2023.
Our aim at ZKitty DAO has always been to democratise airdrop farming for the masses. KATNAP is now our most affordable entry tier NFT to gain exposure to the ZKitty DAO Airdrop Farming Fund.
👉 1x KATNAP = $1 USD (denominated in $ETH or $USDC)
👉 80% Airdrop Value Received
👉 20% DAO Service Fee
👉 Collect 100x KATNAP NFTs and you can choose to "burn" them to get a ZDog NFT
You will be able to mint KATNAP NFTs across a variety of chains including:
👉 zkSync
👉 Starknet
👉 Linea
👉 Scroll
Minting KATNAP NFTs will boost your on-chain activity by minting NFTs across multiple tokenless chains thereby increasing your chances of receiving their airdrops!
KATNAP Collection Info:
👉 Token Standard: ERC-1155
👉 Chains: zkSync, Linea, Scroll, BASE
👉 Mint Type: Open Edition
👉 Total Supply: 1,000,000 Virtual Hardcap
👉 Unit price: $1
👉 RevShare: 20% [$0.20] of every mint is distributed to $ZKITTY + $xZKITTY holders + ZKitty Team.
👉 Secondary Market Royalty: 5%
👉 NFT Staking Pool: No [Simply hold in a self custodial wallet and wait for Airdrop Event to occur]
👉 Airdrop Rewards Pool Share: 80% Airdrop Value Received [20% DAO Service Fee]
👉 NFT Staking Points: NO
👉 $vZKITTY Airdrop Claim: NO
👉 Burn Mechanism: YES (Burn 100x KATNIP NFTs on zkSync to mint a ZDog NFT) 🔄 Open Edition 🔄 Total Supply [Hardcap]: 1,000,000
How can I burn KATNAP NFTs for a ZDog NFT? Collect 100x KATNAP NFTs and you can choose to "burn" them to get a ZDog NFT. Every ZKitty NFT + ZDog NFT unlocks access to the ZKitty Bot where you can stake your ZKitty NFT(s) + ZDog NFT(s) and claim 468 $ZKITTY Airdrop tokens per NFT over a 90 day vesting period! Staking a ZKitty NFT + ZDog NFT increases your share of the airdrop rewards pool by earning "staking points" which "power up" your NFT's earning potential (the longer you stake the more points you will accumulate). KATNAP NFTs do not have the ability to accrue staking points, only ZKitty NFT(s) + ZDog NFT(s) have the ability to accrue staking points.


What is the KATNAP mint price?

👉 $1

When is the mint?

👉 November 2023

Can anyone participate in the mint?

👉 Yes

Which chains can I mint on?

👉 zkSync 👉 Linea 👉 Scroll 👉 BASE

How do I mint as part of the Public Mint?

👉 Official links to our open edition collections will be added here on launch day.

Can I use a minting wallet for the Public Mint?

👉 Yes, we support all major non-custodial wallets for minting purposes

Can I mint from a smart contract or multi-sig wallet such as gnosis safe?

👉 No (this helps prevent bot activity)

What is the max number of tokens that can be minted per transaction?

👉 1

Is there a max number of tokens per wallet?

👉 Unlimited

Will there be an instant reveal?

👉 Yes

How many ZDogs will be available for minting?

👉 1,000,000 Virtual Hardcap

Will the mint have provable fairness (randomness) in which ZDogs are minted?

👉 No, there will be no randomness.

Is registration required for KATNAP Mint?

👉 No, this is an open edition accessible to ALL.